What do I do if my personal belongings are stolen on vacation?

07.03.24 by Travelex Insurance
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Even if theft impacts your trip, we’re here to help you stay calm and travel on. Here’s what to do if you’re robbed on vacation — and how we can support you if you’re traveling with a Travelex policy.

It’s usually your travel destination that steals your heart and leaves you with magical memories. But sometimes unexpected things happen while you’re on vacation, and that includes someone stealing your personal belongings.

“If your belongings are stolen on vacation, remember to stay calm. Report the theft to local authorities as soon as you can and call your travel assistance team for support. Quick action and clear-headed decisions can help you reclaim your peace of mind and get back to enjoying your trip.”

Frank Harrison, Regional Security Director Americas at Travelex Insurance’s 24/7 assistance provider, World Travel Protection.

Here’s what to do if someone takes your things during your trip. Plus, you’ll see how we can help if you have a Travelex policy when the theft occurs.

5 steps to take if you're robbed while traveling:

1. Report the theft to local authorities and get a police report.

2. Call our 24/7 Travelex assistance team.

3. Call the U.S. embassy or consulate in your destination.

4. Secure your devices and accounts and replace your stolen personal belongings.

5. File a claim for unexpected costs.

What to do if your things are stolen on vacation

Step 1: Report the theft to local authorities and get a police report

Call local police ASAP. Tell them what happened in detail and file a police report.

Did you know: As a Travelex traveler, you can find contact information for local authorities in our Travel On app! Just search your destination.

You may be wondering, "Can the police help me get my belongings back?" They may be able to help you track down your items, but the most important reason to call authorities is to get a copy of the police report, which provides proof of the theft and supports your travel insurance claim.

Tip: Make sure you keep a copy of the policy report in a safe place until you’re ready to submit it with your travel insurance claim.

Were you injured during the theft? Call local emergency services for help. You can also learn more about the steps to take in our guides on accessing travel health care on vacation and going to a hospital abroad.

Step 2: Call our 24/7 travel assistance team

With a Travelex policy, you can call our travel assistance team, World Travel Protection, anytime and anywhere. Just tap the assistance button in our Travel On app.

You can also reach our travel assistance team by:

  • Calling from the U.S./Canada at 1-844-215-1672
  • Calling overseas at 1-647-775-8042
  • Emailing us at [email protected]

Tell our experts what happened so we can help guide you on the next steps. If needed, we can help you get medical care and understand your travel insurance coverage before submitting a claim.

Step 3: Call the U.S. embassy or consulate in your destination

Officials at the U.S. embassy can explain local laws and suggest resources to help you recover your items. This is especially useful if you don't have travel insurance coverage for personal belongings that are stolen on vacation, as you’ll want their guidance on what to do next. To find the right number to call, look up the nearest U.S. embassy on the U.S. Department of State’s website.

The good news is if you purchased one of these five Travelex plans, your policy includes some coverage for baggage and personal items (but sublimits will apply):

Did a thief steal your passport? Calling the U.S. embassy is an essential step. For more tips, see our steps to take if your passport is stolen on vacation.

Step 4: Secure your devices and accounts, and replace your stolen personal belongings

If your phone was stolen, any personal data stored or accessible on that phone is at risk. Do what you can to remotely lock your device and secure your accounts. You can learn some ways to prevent identity theft and hacking with our data privacy safety tips for travelers.

If your wallet is stolen and your U.S. driver's license was inside, let the U.S. embassy and local authorities know. Call your bank to cancel any stolen debit and credit cards and keep an eye on your accounts for unauthorized purchases. If only your phone was stolen, it’s still important to call your bank in case the thief tries to use your money via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If your personal belongings and luggage are stolen, you'll likely be missing necessities for your vacation. Try to replace essential belongings at local stores in your destination and remember to save all your receipts. If you file a travel insurance claim for the cost to replace your stolen items, we'll need to see your receipts. Don’t forget to check your policy wording for any item sublimits so you know how much coverage you have.

Step 5: File a claim for unexpected costs

If you protected your trip with a Travelex plan, we may reimburse you for the cost to replace your items that were stolen on vacation. Check your policy for your coverage details or call our customer service team at 1-800-819-9004 if you have questions about your coverage.

Once you're ready to submit a claim, gather your police report, purchase receipts, and other necessary documentation that we’ll need to assess your situation. You can file a claim online with your documentation or call our claims team at 1-855-205-6054.

More ways we can help you on vacation

Whether it’s urgent or you just need extra support, our travel assistance team can guide you through many challenges.

Get our Travel On app for smoother travels and support

Want to reach our travel assistance team easily? You don't need to search for the right number to call — just tap the assistance button in our Travel On app. It can also help you travel safer with destination information, potential risks, and instant safety notifications.


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