What do I do if I lose my passport on vacation in another country?

06.13.24 by Travelex Insurance
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Your passport is essential for international trips — and it’s your key to return home! So, what happens if you lose your passport in another country? If you have a Travelex policy, here’s how to get a replacement passport with our support.

Taking a vacation overseas is a great way to see more of the beauty that the world has to offer. But unexpected travel challenges can happen … like the loss or theft of your passport.

“If you lose your passport on vacation, you’ll need to contact the closest U.S. embassy to apply for a replacement passport ASAP.

“But before you contact the embassy, give us a call if you’re traveling with a Travelex policy. Our experts can guide you during the process of getting a new passport to help you return home safe and sound. We're here to support our travelers 24/7, so don’t be afraid to lean on us any time.”

Frank Harrison, Regional Security Director Americas at Travelex Insurance’s 24/7 assistance provider, World Travel Protection.

Here, you'll learn what to do if you lose your passport abroad as a Travelex traveler. From reporting your missing passport to filing a claim with our team for unexpected costs, these are the five steps to take.

5 steps to take if you need a replacement passport overseas:

1. Report your missing passport to local authorities and get a police report.

2. Call our 24/7 Travelex assistance team.

3. Call the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate and follow their instructions to get a replacement passport.

4. Secure your other forms of identification.

5. File a claim for unexpected passport costs.

What to do if you lose your passport during your trip

Step 1: Report the loss or theft to local authorities and get a police report

As soon as you lose your passport or someone steals it, call local police. Give them all the details on what happened, and make sure you file a police report and save any documentation.

You can get a replacement passport without a police report — which can make the process a little easier — but if you have a Travelex policy, you’ll need a police report to make a claim. We ask for this documentation as proof of you losing your passport on vacation, so don’t forget to get a police report if you want to file a claim.

Want to know how to contact local police in your destination? Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website and search the country you’re in. If you have a Travelex policy, you can also look up your destination in our Travel On app to see contact information for local police.

Step 2: Call our 24/7 travel assistance team

We know it can be stressful to lose your passport overseas. But you're not alone; remember that our 24/7 travel assistance team, World Travel Protection, is ready to help.

You can contact our travel assistance team in several ways:

  • Tap the assistance button in our Travel On app.
  • Reach us domestically at 1-844-215-1672.
  • Reach us internationally at 1-647-775-8042.
  • Email us at [email protected].

When you speak with us, we'll assign you a travel assistance case manager who you can work closely with during the process. Be sure to keep your case manager updated while you communicate with the U.S. embassy and follow their instructions. This way, they’ll know the best way to support you and the status of your replacement passport.

Step 3: Call the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate and follow their instructions to get a replacement passport

First, visit the U.S. Department of State’s website to look up the nearest U.S. embassy and find the right number to call. When you speak with a consular officer, report your lost or stolen passport. Make sure to give them as many details as you can, because it might help expedite the process.

The officer will check your identity during your call. They might ask for details like your name, birthdate, and Social Security number. It may be helpful to let them know if you have other forms of identification with you, like your driver's license.

After your initial call, you’ll usually go through these steps with the embassy or consulate:

  • Make an appointment to go to the embassy and give them the documentation needed to apply for a new passport. You'll need to bring passport-sized photos that match the U.S. passport standards. You might be able to obtain them at the embassy or a nearby photo shop.
  • Fill out paperwork like forms DS-64 and DS-11. They're essential when you report your passport lost or stolen and apply for a new one.
  • Understand what fees you'll need to pay for your replacement passport.
  • See if you’re eligible for an emergency passport valid for one year.

Try to stay organized while you apply for a new passport. It’ll help to minimize delays and complications — which means you can get home sooner (or get back to enjoying your vacation!). You can find more details on what to do if you lose your passport on the U.S. Department of State’s passport page.

Step 4: Secure your other forms of identification

After you lose your passport, check what other forms of identification you have with you. They can help maintain your identity abroad and make it easier for you to move forward with your travel plans.

Gather your other documents — like a driver's license or picture of your lost passport — and keep them in a safe place. Consider making digital copies of these IDs, which may be helpful if you lose physical copies while you’re waiting for your new or emergency passport.

After you report your lost passport to the U.S. embassy, keep an eye on your personal accounts and credit report. When you lose your passport, someone could find it and try to steal your identity. So, check for unauthorized purchases or concerning alerts from your accounts.

Step 5: File a claim for unexpected costs related to your lost or stolen passport

What happens if you lose your passport in another country? You may not only have replacement passport fees — you could also have to pay for an extended stay until you get a new one.

Here's the good news: Your Travelex policy may reimburse unexpected costs that come up after you lose your passport. Check out the policy wording for all the details or give us a call on 1-800-228-9792 if you’ve got questions.

Ready to submit a claim? Collect all your paperwork to include with your claim, like receipts for passport photos and fees from the embassy or consulate. Don't forget to also include receipts showing your trip delay expenses, like extra nights in your hotel. Then, you can file a claim online or call our claims team at 1-855-205-6054.

Get our travel assistance team’s support with more than lost passports

Our expert travel assistance team can help with emergencies and non-emergencies during your getaway.

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Along with providing support after you lose your passport, your trip protection may help turn other travel hiccups into happy accidents that you’ll laugh at in years to come.

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