Travel delays are normal. Flights are often slowed down because of bad weather, mechanical problems, or high levels of airport traffic. And while a short delay isn't much to stress about, if your flight is delayed for more than a few hours, it can start to affect the rest of your travel plans. Long delays can cause you to miss connecting flights as well as certain activities or meetings planned at your final destination.

With travel insurance with trip delay coverage, you can receive reimbursement for incurred costs in the event your transportation is delayed. This means money spent on these additional expenses doesn’t have to leave you empty-handed.

What is trip delay coverage?

Trip delay coverage through Travelex is a travel insurance benefit that can provide reimbursement in the event your trip is delayed by five or more hours. If you are delayed, travel insurance with trip delay coverage can offer reimbursement if you need to purchase meals or even a hotel stay until you can continue on in your travels.

What are the advantages of trip delay coverage?

A travel insurance plan with travel delay coverage can provide protection in the event you encounter a travel delay of more than five hours. While travel insurance can't prevent delays, it can reimburse you for the additional expenses you incur as a result of a travel delay.

Travelex's trip delay coverage can reimburse you for additional travel expenses, like lodging and meals, until you’re able to move on to your final destination. With this coverage, you can relax and focus on your trip instead of worrying about the extra costs added to your travel budget.

Am I covered for any type of trip delay?

These are some examples of unforeseen events eligible for trip delay coverage:

  • Your flight, cruise or other transportation encounter inclement weather or a mechanical breakdown
  • Lost or stolen passports, travel documents, or money
  • Traffic accident, quarantine, hijacking, inclement weather

Which Travelex travel insurance plans include trip delay coverage?

Trip delay coverage is included on our Travel Basic, Travel Select, Travel America, and Travel Med plans. On the Travel Basic plan, you can receive up to $500 in travel delay coverage. On the Travel Select plan, you can receive up to $2,000 worth of coverage. This is based on a daily limit of $250. On the Travel America plan, you can receive up to $2,000 worth of coverage. On Travel Med, you can receive up to $100.

Not sure which plan suits you best? The Travelex Travel Select plan provides the most comprehensive coverage, which is ideal for international travel and long trips. The Travel Basic, Travel America, and Travel Med plans are more affordable options for travelers on a budget or for short domestic trips.

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Additional benefits

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Cancellation & interruption

Financial protection for canceled or interrupted trips.

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Missed connection

Coverage for costs resulting from missed flight connections.

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Baggage & personal effects

Protection in the event your valuables are lost, stolen or damaged.

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Medical & dental

Coverage in the event of an unexpected injury or sickness.

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Evacuation & repatriation

Medical evacuation to the hospital of your choice.

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Compensation for certain physical losses or death that could occur while on a trip.

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Travel assistance

24-hour travel, medical and concierge assistance.

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Primary coverage

Automatically included, your approved claim is paid first with no deductibles.

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Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered when the waiver is in effect.

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