Customize with Upgrades

Sometimes, travel insurance plans don’t quite cover enough of what a traveler needs.

Travelex recognizes that individuals expect that their coverage will go beyond basic protections and offer safeguards that highlight certain aspects of travel that may not be necessary for other travelers. We offer exclusive optional upgrades which, when added, go beyond basic coverage to offer protection for certain aspects of travel. When searching for a travel insurance plan, it's important to look at all of the options available, as coverage will vary per plan.

With that in mind, Travelex has developed travel insurance plans to be customized to ensure you obtain the protection you need. Whether you’re a business traveler heading overseas, or an adventure traveler off on a mountain journey, you can find coverage that is right for you with a Travelex plan.

Want to know more about these optional upgrades? Here is a list of plans and the upgrades available for each.

Be sure to read all plan documents, as an upgrade in one plan may be included as part of another comprehensive standard plan. Additionally, some optional upgrades may have purchase requirements you need to meet in order to be eligible for coverage.

Travel Max:

  • Cancel for Any Reason Pak. Allows you to cancel your trip, literally, for any reason up to two days before your departure and recover up to 75% of original cost. In order to obtain this optional upgrade, you must purchase a Travel Max plan within 30 days of making your initial trip deposit and you must insure all prepaid trip costs.

Travel Select:

  • Transportation Pak. This robust Pak includes additional Flight Accident AD&D benefits plus Rental Car Damage protection. The Flight Accident coverage provides protection for accidental loss during a regularly scheduled flight. The Rental Car Damage protection will reimburse you up to $35,000 for repairs due to an accidental collision or damage to your rental vehicle.
  • Active Family Pak. This pak was designed with the traveling family in mind. It includes reimbursement for a movie rental if you're delayed overnight, cancellation & interruption benefits in the event your child caregiver becomes sick or injured and can no longer care for your children, and pet medical and evacuation coverage for pets traveling with you. By purchasing the Active Family Pak upgrade you will also obtain a waiver for activities typically excluded from coverage, such as participation in professional athletics and motor competitions. This upgrade also reimburses missed tuition expenses when a student is traveling to study. In order to qualify for this optional upgrade, you must purchase the plan and upgrade within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit.
  • Adventurer Plus Pak. This pak provides reimbursement if you need to rent sporting equipment, such as golf clubs or skis while on your trip because the sporting equipment you brought with you became lost or delayed. If you are looking to increase your overall medical coverage under the plan, this upgrade includes an additional $25,000 in medical benefits. Most importantly, by purchasing the Adventurer Plus Pak you will obtain a waiver for adventure type exclusions under the general plan to be eligible for coverage when mountaineering or hang gliding, among other activities.
  • Professional Pak. If you're concerned that your employer might revoke your requested time off and require you to work during you planned trip, then this is the upgrade for you. This Pak provides four additional Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption reasons, such as having your previously approved military leave revoked or experiencing a military reassignment. The Professional Pak upgrade also includes additional baggage coverage for your professional property such as laptops or iPads as well as reimbursement for admission to a sponsored airline club if your trip is delayed. In order to qualify for this optional upgrade, you must purchase the plan and upgrade within 21 days of making your initial trip deposit.

Travel Basic:

  • Transportation Pak. This transportation upgrade is also available on this plan. See explanation above for further details.

Business Traveler:

  • Trip Cancellation. This optional upgrade allows up to $5000 of coverage for cancellation due to covered reasons and for business reasons such as relocation or termination.
  • Emergency Medical Expense. If you are concerned about having medical coverage while on your trip, this optional upgrade can be added to include Secondary coverage and reimburse you for the cost of treatment received while on your business trip due to a sickness or an injury.
  • Rental Car Protection Coverage. A $50,000 benefit upgrade which provides reimbursement for repairs needed to a rental car due to collision or damage.
  • Flight Accident AD&D. Available upgrades for accidental loss during a regularly scheduled flight.


Travel Insurance Upgrades & Options

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