Why do I need travel insurance for Europe?


Whether you’re soaking up coastal beauty in Italy’s Cinque Terre or exploring stunning architecture in bustling Barcelona, Europe may be your dream destination. Before you start packing for your European getaway, it's important to think about protecting your trip expenses from unexpected hiccups by securing travel insurance for your vacation.

Why? Despite thorough planning, unpredictable situations can arise when you're journeying—including in Europe. Amidst your exciting itinerary, you may find yourself with a stitched knee in Spain, canceled flight to Finland, or lost baggage en route to Belgium. If an unexpected incident arises while you're traveling that threatens your well-being and finances, travel insurance offered by Travelex may provide the financial and health-related support you need during your time in Europe.

So, if you’re dreaming of viewing the Eiffel Tower illuminated at night in Paris, don’t forget to consider protecting your journey to Europe with travel insurance.

  • Top benefits of having travel insurance for Europe adventures

  • Travel insurance for Europe can provide broad protection for all your travel necessities—and even more. Think about securing a travel protection plan with Travelex now, so you can have a thorough coverage plan ready to assist when it's most critical.
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Reasons to choose a Travelex plan for your escape to Europe


Even while walking down a quaint cobblestone path in Amsterdam, you never know what could happen while traveling in Europe. A tranquil vacation can swiftly unravel after unexpected problems or delays. When things go awry, travel specialists can be there to guide you and help resolve unplanned expenses and changed plans.

24/7 assistance

24/7 assistance

Get travel assistance at all times while you’re in Europe – whether you’re in France, Spain, or Italy.
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Travelex’s Travel On app provides real-time security alerts, destination advice, tap-to-call travel assistance, and more.
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With the Travel Select plan, you can choose optional upgrades to fit your travel needs while in Europe.

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