Terrorism & Civil Unrest

Unfortunately, in today’s world, acts of terror and civil unrest have become more prevalent and greatly impact our daily lives. Travelex Insurance Services’ protection plans do provide coverage for terrorist incidents and civil unrest under some plans. A Travelex protection plan with coverage for incidents and civil unrest must have been purchased prior to the date when an event became foreseeable to be eligible for coverage. Customers who purchased their plan prior to an event occurring may be eligible for coverage.

Terrorist Incident

Foreseeable Date

Karachi Stock Exchange

June 29, 2020

Reading, UK

June 26, 2020

Ben Guerdane, Tunisia

March 6, 2020

Kabul, Afghanistan

February 11, 2020

London, UK

February 2, 2020

This list may not be a full representation of all events. For a summary of the plans details on coverages, benefits, limitations and exclusions of the insurance plan, please refer to the applicable Description of Coverage or state specific Individual Travel Protection Insurance Policy.

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