There truly is nothing better than going on vacation to get away from it all - even if it’s only for a long weekend. But before you set sail on your next adventure, it’s best to check if you - and your trip - are protected from the unexpected. An accident, expensive medical bill, flight delay, or stolen items can result in large out-of-pocket costs if you’re not properly insured. Travelex travel insurance helps reduce the stress and worry of the unknown, enabling you to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Is travel insurance worth buying?

Absolutely! Traveling without travel insurance is considered rather risky. The cost of emergency medical care abroad alone can leave travelers paying off hospital bills for several years if they’re not covered. Travel insurance can also help cover expenses incurred as a result of buying new flights and canceling pre-paid travel arrangements (such as hotels and tours) if your trip is abruptly interrupted and you need to return home. Additionally, if valuable items, such as a passport, are stolen or damaged while you’re on vacation, travel insurance provides 24/7 emergency travel assistance to help resolve the issue and replace personal items.

What type of travel insurance is best for me?

When it comes to travel insurance, the best type of coverage for you depends on your circumstances, the activities you take part in and the countries you will be visiting. Each traveler will plan a unique trip, and with a variety of travel insurance plans and upgrades available, Travelex can provide each traveler with a policy that suits them and their trip.

What are some of the benefits of travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides travelers with a durable safety net that covers emergency incidents and accidents. Without travel insurance, costs incurred as a result of medical bills, flight cancellations, stolen valuables and more could put a heavy strain on your wallet. However, with coverage for all these mishaps and more, travel insurance helps keep you well protected when you need help most.

Emergency medical support

If you experience a medical emergency that requires treatment at a hospital or medical facility, travel insurance can help you find a doctor to see and provide coverage for your visit.

Canceled or delayed flights

Having a flight delayed or canceled can ruin even the best vacation. Sometimes a technical or weather issue is all it takes for you to miss your flight. Having travel insurance ensures you are eligible for coverage in these instances, helping to provide reimbursement for monies lost.

24/7 travel assistance

Wherever you are and whenever you need it, Travelex provides 24/7 travel assistance with any plan purchased. This hotline can help in the event of an emergency or even if you need support after a flight cancellation. Whatever it is you require on your trip, Travelex’s helpline is there to assist you.

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