Our travel insurance app does more than give you easy access to your policy details: it helps make you a more prepared and protected traveler.

At Travelex, we're all about keeping our travelers safe — and our travel app is one way we can be there for you while you’re exploring your destination.

With just a tap of our travel insurance app, you can have these benefits at your fingertips:


  • Hands holding checklist showing your coverage on our travel app

    Understand your coverage

    See your coverage details and policy documents.

  • Smartphone with light bulb showing expert assistance on our travel app.

    24/7 expert assistance

    Reach our travel specialists any time, day or night.

  • Globe with dropped pin showing destination information on our travel app.

    Destination information

    Learn more about your destination and get travel advice.

  • Plane over globe showing safety alerts on our travel app.

    Real-time safety alerts

    Get instant alerts about potential security concerns.

Download our travel app on your device now:

Note: You will need to enter your confirmation number for access to our Travel On app. You can find your confirmation number in your coverage confirmation sent to your email inbox from our Travelex team.

To understand how our app works – and any mobile coverage or internet connectivity required – please read the Privacy Policy.

Why you'll love our Travel On app


Four smartphone screen images of our Travelex travel app.


The best way to travel wiser and safer with our team on your side is to download our travel app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now. Don’t forget to read our Privacy Policy before using our Travelex app so you know how it works ahead of your trip.

Our Travel On app is only available to our existing policyholders. Don’t have a current Travelex travel insurance policy? Get a quote online now.

Discover why travelers love using our Travel On app


five stars travel app review

"Love all the destination info provided in the app! It was so helpful in planning my trip and while I was traveling! Will definitely take [the] app on my next trip!”

five stars travel app review

"I have already benefited from one of the alerts waiting for me.”

five stars travel app review

"Really good travel alerts and advice.”

-Michael D.

How do I use the Travel On app?

If you’re looking for more details on our travel safety app, check out our answers to these FAQs.

How do I download the Travelex app?

Like many other travel apps, you can download ours on both iPhone and Android devices. You can visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download it.

Who can use the Travelex app?

Anyone listed as a traveler on an active Travelex travel insurance policy can use our travel safety app.


If you’re the primary traveler, and you want to give your traveling companions access to our travel insurance app, you can share your confirmation number with them. You can find your confirmation number in the confirmation of coverage email we sent you after you purchased your policy. Additional travelers on your policy will also need to enter your last name as part of the validation process when they create an account.


If you don’t have one of our plans yet, you can get a quote online now.

When can I start using the Travelex app?

You can download our app and create an account after you purchase a Travelex travel insurance policy.


To access all the travel safety benefits, you’ll need to add a trip to our app. It doesn't matter if your trip is next week, next month, or next season; you can add a scheduled trip at any time.

What information do I need to download the Travelex app?

To create an account: You can download our travel app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create an account at any time.


To access the full app: To get all the features of our Travelex app, you’ll need to enter the primary traveler’s last name and the confirmation number for your policy. You’ll see the confirmation number in your confirmation of coverage email we sent you after you purchased your policy.

What email address do I use to create an account in the Travelex app and how will it be used?

You can use any email address when you set up an account in our travel app as long as you’ll continue to have access to it on your device.


If you use an email address you don’t have access to, you won’t be able to use our travel insurance app or benefit from its features.


Here’s why our travel app needs your email address:

  • You’ll receive verification emails to activate your account.
  • Our travel assistance team will email you if there’s an active or emerging risk nearby or that you need to be aware of during your trip.


Our app uses your email address as a unique identifier to create your account. When you use our travel app again for your next trip, you can log in easily with just your email address.


For information on how we collect, store, and use your personal information, you can view our Privacy Policy.

Where can I find my confirmation number?

If you’re the primary traveler listed on your policy, you’ll find your confirmation number in the confirmation of coverage email we sent you when you purchased your policy.


If you have coverage on a policy but aren’t listed as the primary traveler, please reach out to the primary traveler on your policy and ask for the confirmation number from their confirmation of coverage email.

I recently purchased another Travelex travel insurance policy. How do I add it to the app?

If you already have our app on your device and you recently bought another policy, you can easily add your new confirmation number.


To add your new policy to the app, tap the menu in the top left of our app and select “Your Policies”.


If your new confirmation number is not listed, tap on the “Add Existing Policy” button. Then, enter your new confirmation number and wait for the app to locate it before tapping the “Add Existing Policy” button to complete the process.

How does the Travel On app help me travel safer?

Our team keeps an eye on possible safety issues while you’re away from home, and our app can let you know if there’s potential for a natural disaster, crime, pandemic, and more during your trip.


Here’s how our travel insurance app can help you be safer on vacation:

1. Real-time safety alerts: If we detect a potential safety concern near your area, our app will send you instant notifications to alert you. This way, you can try to avoid risky situations or get to a safer area if necessary.

2. Destination advice: You can check out safety advice for your destination, like crime, terrorism, and health risk ratings.

3. 24/7 travel assistance: If you need help, you can connect with our 24/7 emergency assistance team at the tap of a button.

Will the Travelex app have information about COVID-19 for my destination?

Yes, our travel app can show you COVID-19-related information and relevant travel alerts for your trip destination.

When should I use the assistance button in the app? Is it only for emergencies?

If you have one of our plans and need assistance while traveling, you can tap the assistance button at any time to speak with our 24/7 assistance partner, World Travel Protection 24/7.


This tap-to-call feature means you don’t need to search for the right number to call; just open our app and touch the button for help.


If you have mobile network coverage, you can be connected to our team for help with both emergency situations and non-emergency support.

How do I use the assistance button, and will it cost me to make a call?

When you tap the assistance button, your device will automatically give you the correct number to call based on your confirmation number. You can then tap “Call now” to place the call with the travel assistance team.


To connect with the travel assistance team, you’ll need to have access to an active phone plan, local sim card, or international roaming during your trip. Your mobile carrier may charge you for international plans or calls.

Why should I allow the Travel On app to send me notifications?

Allowing us to send you app notifications helps you focus on enjoying your trip instead of thinking about checking our travel safety app for new information that may affect you or your travel plans.


With notifications turned on, our app will automatically alert you when new information is available or if the emergency assistance team detected an active or emerging risk, so you can stay up to date on important information with little effort.

Do I need to have mobile data turned on to use the Travelex app and its features?

Yes. To use our travel app and get alerts relevant to your current location and trip, you need to have access to Wi-Fi or an active mobile phone data plan at your travel destination.

Why do I need to give the Travelex app access to my device's location?

When you grant our app access to your device's location, it helps our Travelex team keep you safe while you're on a trip.


Giving the emergency assistance team access to the location of your device lets you explore with more confidence knowing our team can precisely monitor active and emerging issues at your current location while you travel.


Then, if you’re at risk at your location or there’s a nearby threat, our travel safety app will send you a notification.


For information on how we collect, store, and use your personal information, you can view our Privacy Policy.

Who can I contact if I need help with the Travelex app?

If you're having trouble downloading our app, creating your account, or adding your policy, you can contact our customer service team in two ways:

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