No matter what you aim to do on your upcoming trip, travel insurance can help protect you and your plans. From business trips to adventurous getaways - and almost everything in between - travel insurance helps provide the coverage and support you might need in the event of an unfortunate accident or mishap.

Why is travel insurance important for different types of trips?

When you have travel insurance, you're making sure you're covered against certain travel risks. However, it’s important to realize that no one trip is the same and neither are their associated travel risks. For example, a mountain climbing trip in Alaska might require Adventure Sports Coverage, whereas a trip you’re uncertain you’ll be able to make would benefit from a Cancel For Any Reason upgrade. With so many different trip types, it’s crucial to know not only what type of adventure you plan to embark on, but also which type of travel insurance plan is best.

What are the insurance benefits for different travel types?

While no one trip may be the same, each Travelex travel insurance plan offers essential coverage for unforeseen incidents that could affect any vacation. Unfortunate mishaps including medical emergencies, trip cancellations or delays, lost or stolen valuables, and missed connections could all occur during a cruise vacation or a domestic weekend getaway. But with travel insurance, these events don’t have to ruin your trip. Additionally, Travelex’s unique travel insurance plans offer varying levels of protection and benefits dependent on what your trip needs. For example, if you're heading out of town for 48-hours and would like coverage for only your flight, one of the Flight Insurance plans may be right for you. Or, if you’d like protection for an expensive international vacation, Travel Select provides most robust coverage in addition to four optional upgrades. Though your trip type might vary, the protection provided by travel insurance is sure to be consistent.

Travelex travel insurance plans

Before you head out for your trip, you want to make sure you’re covered by the right travel insurance plan. It’s important you identify your trip type as well as what situations might arise that could require travel insurance and then choose your plan accordingly. With Travelex’s travel insurance plans and optional upgrades, it’s easy to find the right coverage for your upcoming trip. If you're planning a heli-skiing adventure in Aspen or a business trip for a team-building exercise then the Travel Select plan would be the ideal choice. With higher premiums and access to four optional upgrades, this plan offers higher benefit levels you're likely to need. If all you're planning for on your upcoming trip is reading a good book and catching rays on a nearby beach, then the Travel Basic plan may be more suitable for you. This plan provides essential coverage at a great price.

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