Buying Travelex travel insurance online

To help ease the time and effort that goes into planning a trip, Travelex has made buying travel insurance online quick and easy. Follow these steps and you’ll have a travel insurance policy that’s right for you and your trip in no time.

  • 1. Go to the Travelex Insurance homepage:
  • 2. In the travel insurance quote box presented at the top of the page, enter your trip details and personal information. This includes your:
    • - Destination
    • - Date of departure and return
    • - State of residence
    • - Age and cost of trip for every traveler
  • 3. The next page will present you with different Travelex travel insurance plan options. On this page, you can toggle between the “Travel” and “Flight” plan options on the left-hand side. “Travel” will present you with the Travel Select and Travel Basic plans. The “Flight” option will show you the Flight Insure Plus and Flight Insure plans.
  • 4. Beside each Travelex plan, you will see its price as well as the benefits the plan provides. Select your preferred Travelex plan based on your travel protection needs by clicking “CHOOSE PLAN”.
  • 5. Upon choosing your plan, optional upgrades will be made available based on your plan selection. Choose the upgrades you would like to include in your travel insurance plan, select your level of coverage, and click “CONTINUE”.
  • 6. Next, you will need to confirm your personal details. Enter the primary traveler’s personal information along with information for any additional travelers. Select “CONTINUE”.
  • 7. You will then be presented with a Policy Summary. This summary will include your Policy Number as well as all other relevant trip details. If you are satisfied with the policy details and wish to buy it, enter your credit card information to complete your travel insurance purchase.
  • 8. After agreeing to Travelex’s Terms and Conditions, you will have the option to either email or print your policy documents. If you would like to share your policy information with your fellow travelers, you are able to include multiple recipients in the email form. Click “SEND” to share your travel documents.

...and that’s it - you’re done! Don’t forget to save the travel insurance documents you will receive after purchasing in a safe place. These policy details are important to take with you in case something happens during your trip and you need Travelex’s help. If you ever lose your policy details, you can easily request another copy of your plan documents to be sent to you via email.

For additional travel tips to help you prepare for your journey, visit the travel tips page. This will help ensure you have everything ready for a great trip.