Honeymoon Travel Package Ideas To Make Planning Easier

04.04.23 by Travelex Insurance
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Most couples dream of a honeymoon where they can get away from it all, celebrate their love, and enjoy one another without the daily stress of life. You may dream of lounging on a beach every day and soaking up the sun with zero stress. You may long for an exciting adventure as a couple, or something in between. Either way, your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime getaway with your special someone, and we know how special it should be.  

Whether looking to get away right after the wedding or planning for a little further down the road, here are a few suggestions for honeymoon travel packages that will make the planning process easier. 

​​​All-inclusive ​​​v​​​​acations​​ 

All-inclusive vacations are a great choice for romantic honeymoons. With everything from lodging, food, drinks and activities included in the price, you’ll be able to pay up front and not worry about your trip costing you a fortune in unplanned expenses. Some companies offer all-inclusive packages that also include airfare and transfers as well. Be aware that many resorts will have different pricing based on room prices and other perks, such as spa services and off-resort excursions. Be sure to read all the fine print so you know exactly what you’re getting for the price, and plan to bring cash for extra outings and tipping. Companies like ​​​Blue Sun Vacations​ can help match you with a resort (plus romantic extras) perfect for your dream honeymoon. 

​​​​​Honeymoon ​​​c​​​​ruises​​ 

Like an all-inclusive vacation, a ​honeymoon cruise​ is similar in that your lodging, food and activities are included, but with the added perk of seeing a variety of locations along the way. Typically, you'll have to purchase a drink package and plan your own airfare and transfers. Honeymoon cruises are a great way to mix leisure with exploration while enjoying a variety of landscapes and cultures. 

​​Tailor-made ​​​h​​​​oneymoons​​ 

Instead of trying to do all the leg work yourself, why not let an experienced travel company help? Travel advisers and specialty travel companies that cater to honeymooners can help you create a hand-crafted itinerary with the perfect mix of romance, relaxation, and adventure. Companies such as Audley Travel and Adventure Life specialize in tailor-made honeymoon packages where they work to match your tastes and interests to your ideal vacation. From beach resorts to safaris and everything in between, you can tailor your honeymoon to include a variety of experiences in several locations if you prefer. They can offer ideas based on the season of your wedding, and also help you discover which destinations are at their best at the time of your honeymoon. 

​​​​Honeymoon ​​​vacation ​​​r​​​​egistries​​ 

Give your family and friends the option of contributing to your honeymoon — instead of everyday wedding gifts — with a honeymoon registry. An increasing number of travel companies that cater to honeymoon couples are offering free vacation registry. For example, Anchors Away Cruises and Tours offer an easy way for couples to sign up for free, register for activities, room upgrades, tours — anything you wish for on your dream honeymoon. Guests can visit and purchase gifts you have selected right from the website, getting you well on your way to the vacation you’ve already chosen. 

Pro ​​​tips for ​​​pl​​​​anning ​​​y​​​​our ​​​d​​​​ream ​​​h​​​​oneymoon​​ 

  • Start planning early, with a timeframe of six to nine months in advance 

  • Consider using a travel advisor and/or specialty company like the ones mentioned above

  • Decide on a budget 

  • Work together to plan a honeymoon you’ll both enjoy 

  • Purchase travel insurance so your honeymoon investment is protected 

  • Think about balancing relaxation with adventure so you come back refreshed 

  • Watch for hidden costs and read the fine print 

  • Consider leaving for your honeymoon a day or two after the big day 

No matter how you end up spending your honeymoon, we hope it’s a joyful time of connection and travel experiences you’ll cherish forever. Let us help give you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy making memories. Protect your investment from the unexpected with a travel insurance plan. 

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