Pneumonia in Thailand

03.19.23 by Travelex Insurance
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“My wife and I began what was supposed to be a two-week vacation in Thailand. Three days after arriving in Bangkok, I was diagnosed with double pneumonia and was hospitalized there for 13 days. The physician required me to rest a few days after discharge before allowing us to fly back to the US. An arm of the insurance, On Call International, had already coordinated payment of the hospital bill  quickly and completely, much to our amazement. This was in the vicinity of $16,000. We never paid a penny for the hospital expenses. When we returned, we filed a carefully documented trip interruption claim for about $10,000 with Travelex. They responded the very next day with an email saying that we would receive a check covering nearly the entirety of our claim. We had exceeded the limit of our coverage for one small portion of the claim amount. Fortunately, we have filed very few insurance claims of any kind over our 70+ years, but all of the others have involved initial denials of claims, seemingly unending hassles, etc., before we finally received compensation. This has been a truly extraordinary experience. We will definitely use Travelex for all of our future travel insurance needs and I've recommended Travelex to multiple friends since we returned."  Ken & Pat Warner

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