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According to the ​​recent reports, more than 30 million American women travel solo every year​ — and the trend continues to grow​. Clearly, women are discovering the joy of getting out of their comfort zone and exploring the world alone. It can be a liberating experience, fueling your interests and promoting self-discovery. You can relax when you want, eat where you want and meet lots of interesting people along the way. 

You may wonder if it’s safe. Think of it this way:  No location on the planet is 100% risk-free, but there are many places that are solo female friendly. Don’t be afraid to launch out on your own and discover new adventures. The media hype can sound scary, but if you do your research and travel smart, the world is your oyster.  

Whether going it alone or with a travel group, we’ve collected a few of the top recommended solo female travel destinations and female group travel companies out there. Consider these for your next solo female adventure: 

Destinations in the United States

You could spend a lifetime ​traveling the United States​ and still be discovering new places. From mountains, deserts, and tropical locations to exciting cities and serene country sides, the U.S. has it all. With so many wonderful locations to choose from, we had to narrow it down to a sampling of just a few. Consider these locations for inspiration: 

Page, Arizona

Antelope Canyon Page Arizona

Experience Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon for spectacular vistas and scenic canyon country for water sports. Being a popular attraction area, Page makes it easy to meet people, experience local culture and learn their history.

Door County, Wisconsin

Peninsula State Park in Door County Wisconsin

Known for its Midwestern hospitality, coastal landscape and many artists, Door County is a hidden gem. From Sturgeon Bay to Gills Rock, the peninsula is surrounded by Green Bay and Lake Michigan, lending itself to many water activities and State parks. Small towns dotted along the coastline offer lots of boutique shopping, regional culinary specialties, live theater and artists of all kinds.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Garden District New Orleans

With 300 years of rich cultural history along with a famous food and music scene, ​New Orleans is an entertainment hub worth exploring. A large city, New Orleans is easy to navigate and bustling with tourists and locals. Practice street smarts and this city is a fascinating destination for a long weekend getaway or solo vacation. 

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Brewster Mudflats Cape Cod

Safe and easy to get around, Cape Cod is well suited for solo female travelers. Offering beautiful beaches, sand dunes and gorgeous sunsets, it’s also a great place for biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, visiting the flea markets, or taking in Provincetown’s nightlife.

Portland, Oregon

Cascade Mountains Portland

Ranked as one of the safest U.S. cities, Portland offers many attractions to keep the solo female traveler entertained. With great coffee, epic festivals, and seasonal events, there’s something for everyone.

International destinations


Hot Spring in Iceland

Known for its natural beauty and eco-friendly people, Iceland is a winner. It boasts of winning the “​safest country in the world​” title for 1​4​​ years running. Soak in one of the country’s famous thermal pools, hike a lava field or breathe in the breathtaking landscape. A quick Iceland travel guide will help get you started.


Swiss Alps

A safe and happy country, Switzerland offers history, breathtaking mountain beauty, quality shopping and accessible transportation options.  


Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

The Emerald Isle is absolutely beautiful and chock full of local pubs and cultural experiences. Ranked as the world’s ​third most ​​peaceful places on earth​, it’s a fun and serene destination for solo tourists.

Costa Rica

Canopy Tour Costa Rica

Love outdoor adventures? Then you’ll love Costa Rica and its friendly locals. With most people who work in the travel industry speaking English, it’s easy to take in surfing, hiking, whitewater rafting and many other discoveries. Check out the ​​​​10-day ​​​​​female tour​ run by ​Green Edventures​.

New Zealand

Mount Cook National Park New Zealand

Claiming number two on the Global Peace Index of safest countries in the world, New Zealand has everything a female traveler could hope for. From stunning beaches and incredible National Parks to vibrant cities and world-famous vineyards, it’s a solo female destination dream come true.



A great place for self-discovery with quiet spaces in nature, Patagonia offers wildlife, Chile’s Torres del Paine national Park, glaciers and so much more. Consider a ​10-day trek through Argentina and Chile​ for a vacation you’ll never forget. 

Travel groups and tours

If you’re a first-time ​​solo traveler,​ prefer safety in numbers or simply want to travel with new friends, group travel is an excellent option. A growing number of travel companies are catering to solo travelers. To get started, here are a few companies to consider:  

  • ​​WHOA Travel — Women High on Adventure’s mission is to “create life changing adventure experiences that bring women together, take them out of their comfort zones and leave them and the world changed forever.” 

  • REI All-Women Adventure — REI handles all the details, you get a personal Trip Specialist, travel with female guides, and there’s no single supplement to pay.  

  • Adventure Women — Women-owned and women-run since 1982. A leader in adventure tours developed exclusively for women, they offer over 42 departures, traveling worldwide to more than 65 countries. 

  • G Adventures — Solo travel that is female-friendly in small groups of like-minded travelers. 

  • ​​Perillo’s Learning Journeys​ — From the “eat, pray, love” learning journey to handcrafted custom get-away opportunities, most everything is included. 

  • ​​Purposeful Nomad — Journeys that combine adventure, self-renewal and mutual exchange with local communities. 

​​Female solo travel is something every woman should try at least once in their lifetime. Once you experience it, you may just find that you can’t wait for your next solo journey. If you’d like to learn more, see 6 Solo Female Travel Trends for 2023​​​.​​​ 

​Ready to pack your bags? Make sure you get a travel insurance quote before you go.​​​​ 

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