No one wants to think about an accident occurring while they’re on vacation, but mishaps can – and do – happen. With the AD&D Common Carrier upgrade, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your trip knowing you’re well protected.

What is AD&D Common Carrier insurance?

Accidental death and dismemberment – or AD&D – insurance is a safeguard against the event of a physical injury or death occurring while riding, boarding, or descending a certified aircraft.

No one ever wants to think about the possibility of an untimely death. However, if something unfortunate happened while traveling, having a safety net for your loved ones is crucial. The AD&D Common Carrier insurance upgrade provides that fallback. With a $200,000 maximum limit, mortgage payments, school tuition, everyday expenses and more can continue to be paid with the financial aid of this benefit.

Why do I need the AD&D Common Carrier upgrade?

Travel insurance provides coverage for a variety of possible mishaps or accidents that may occur while you’re traveling. However, parts of your vacation may require additional coverage.

The AD&D Common Carrier upgrade is available for those who wish to add an extra layer of airline-related protection to their trip. In addition to your Travelex travel insurance plan, this upgrade helps provide some extra peace of mind during take-off and touchdown, as well as when you’re in the air.

Can this upgrade be included in any travel insurance plan?

The AD&D Common Carrier upgrade is available on both Travelex’s Travel Basic and Travel Select plans. You are not able to add this upgrade to the Flight Insure or Flight Insure Plus insurance plans. In order to include this upgrade with your chosen Travelex plan, you will need to select the AD&D Common Carrier upgrade during the checkout process.

Have additional questions?

Want more information on AD&D Common Carrier insurance? Call Travelex’s expert Customer Solutions department on 1-800-228-9792 Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST.

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