Why do I need travel insurance for Japan?


As a traveler in Japan, you may be excited to navigate the pulsing streets and nightlife of Tokyo or retreat to an onsen in Kyoto. But before you embark on your trip, it’s important to consider shielding your trip budget from unplanned expenses with travel insurance.

Why? Sometimes fate may have the upper hand during your travels in Japan. Amidst your exciting itinerary, you may find yourself falling while hiking Mount Fuji, dealing with canceled flights in the event of an earthquake, or losing luggage on your way to see the cherry blossoms. If something does throw off your Japan vacation itinerary that puts you and your finances at risk, travel insurance from Travelex can help provide support.

So, if you’re dreaming of taking part in traditional tea ceremonies or tearing down the powder-drenched ski fields of Hokkaido, don’t forget to think about protecting your journey to Japan with travel insurance.

  • Top benefits of having travel insurance for Japan vacations

  • Travelex travel insurance for Japan can add essential coverage to your trip with several important benefits. Consider travel insurance for Japan vacations with Travelex so you have a coverage plan that can provide the assistance you need.
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Reasons to choose a Travelex plan for your trip to Japan


Sometimes, life presents us with unforeseen challenges – including during our travels. What starts as a relaxing vacation can quickly take a turn if unexpected incidents occur. If something brings down your day, it helps to have travel experts in your corner to help you navigate challenges and protect you financially from unforeseen costs and logistical difficulties.

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You can customize the Travel Select plan for your trip to Japan, with optional upgrades to cater to your Japan travel needs.

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