Protecting travelers for a quarter-century

Protecting the traveler was just the beginning. Founded in 1996 when the Travelex Group purchased Tele-Trip Insurance (Mutual of Omaha’s travel insurance subsidiary), the company was born. Travelex has been honored to meet the diversified needs of leisure, corporate, timeshare, group, and student group travelers. Over time Travelex has served leading travel industry brands including travel advisors, travel suppliers, tour operators, airlines and cruise lines. All with the mission to provide travelers with innovative insurance plans and personalized service to travel and explore the world safely.

With a little grit, Travelex has grown over the course of twenty-five years into a globally recognized travel protection provider with heart. They have remained true to their Midwestern values navigating through transformational events impacting the travel industry. These events resulted in continuous policy improvements to encourage customers to travel with confidence knowing they have a great travel insurer behind them.

Now owned by Zurich Insurance Group, Travelex programs are backed by the world’s leading insurance carriers. Constant evolution brings Travelex to the doorway of the future with the recent launch of the Travel On app. Travel On is a 24/7 travel app that monitors worldwide events and delivers crucial information directly to customers. These include real-time security alerts based on location to keep people safe and supported. It also features worldwide click-to-call travel assistance in case things don’t go as planned.

25 Year Anniversary Logo

Thanks for being part of the journey

What lucky people we are, to celebrate two and a half decades in the travel insurance industry! Our hearts are full of gratitude for each of you that were part of the journey and helped us to get there.

25 Year Anniversary Video

Travelex looks forward to transforming the traveler experience, providing highly personalized protection, and innovative applications to travel freely. Most importantly, they look forward to protecting travel dreams for another twenty-five years.