Taking time out of your day-to-day life to volunteer in a foreign country is often a life-changing experience. Not only does it allow you to meet other like-minded people, but it also enables you to help people less fortunate than you. Before you leave for your volunteering trip, there’s one important thing you need to do - consider protecting yourself with travel insurance.

Travelex provides travel insurance plans that are great for volunteers. They help provide worldwide coverage for emergency medical expenses, canceled or delayed flights, stolen or damaged valuables, and so much more. Yes, having travel insurance helps ensure someone has your back while you help others.

Benefits for volunteers 

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Why do volunteers need travel insurance?

Volunteers often get involved in a number of different activities, including helping out at an orphanage domestically or abroad, teaching English in a foreign country, or assisting in the construction of something meaningful to villagers. More often than not, these types of volunteer trips take place in locations that are off the beaten track and away from the typical tourist spots. As a volunteer, this means you may be at risk of illness, injury or crime you wouldn’t experience at home. Travel insurance for volunteers helps ensure you’re protected should a medical emergency arise, or any valuable items are stolen or damaged. Travelex plans even include medical evacuation to the hospital of your choice should you need emergency treatment.

Which Travelex travel insurance plan is best for volunteers?

The Travel Select plan is perfect for volunteers who plan to assist on projects either in the United States or abroad. Whether you’re helping build homes a few states away from home or teaching children in a faraway country, Travel Select can provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, delayed baggage, lost or stolen personal items, and more. As volunteer trips can often take place in higher-risk locations, having ample medical protection is incredibly important. With the Travel Select plan, you can receive up to $50,000 worth of coverage for medical expenses in the event of an emergency. Your domestic healthcare plan might provide you with a level of coverage in some countries, but it’s unlikely to match the Travel Select plan’s level of protection and access to 24/7 assistance. The Travel Select plan can also provide medical evacuation and repatriation should you become severely ill or suffer a serious injury while volunteering. Given most volunteer locations are typically located in remote areas that do not have access to the best health care facilities, this benefit is particularly important. As a volunteer, you’ll also want coverage for your personal belongings. Why? Volunteer trips often take place in secluded areas that require a number of flight transfers or different forms of transportation, which provides ample opportunity for your luggage to get lost. With Travel Select, you will not only have access to up to $1,000 worth of protection for your baggage while traveling, but you‘ll also have access to 24-hour assistance should something go wrong.

I have a long volunteer trip; can I receive protection the entire time I’m away?

Every volunteer trip is different. While some volunteer projects can be completed in a week, others may last for a few months or even a year. Thankfully, the Travel Select plan offers coverage for up to 364 days. With coverage that can last up to a year, your travel insurance plan can be as flexible as you need. Additionally, Travel Select offers global protection if you plan to volunteer in multiple locations. This is ideal for longer volunteer trips that require you to travel to different cities throughout the duration of your project.

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