Travelex emergency assistance

If you are traveling and need emergency assistance or aid, Travelex’s travel insurance plans include 24/7 global assistance provided by World Travel Protection. No matter where you are or when you wish to call, the information below provides the best number to contact the emergency assistance team.

Global contacts

World Travel Protection

For plans purchased on or after 12.1.2020
  • U.S./Canada (toll-free):
  • Outside U.S./Canada (collect):
  • Email:
    [email protected]

On Call International

For plans purchased prior to 12.1.2020
  • U.S./Canada (toll-free):
  • Outside U.S./Canada (collect):
  • Email:
    [email protected]

Emergency assistance benefits

Travel assistance

Travelex travel insurance policies provide customers with 24-hour emergency travel assistance and concierge services for situations that include:
  • Travel document and ticket replacement
  • Emergency cash transfer
  • Language interpretation services
  • 24-hour legal assistance
Be sure to check out different situations where Travelex’s 24/7 travel assistance can provide help and support.

Medical assistance

In the event you or another Travelex insured traveler sustains a serious injury or develops an illness while traveling, Travelex offers the following types of support:
  • Medical assistance & consultation
  • Medical evacuation
  • Emergency medical payments
  • Prescription assistance
If you’re a customer who needs assistance, call the applicable global phone number as soon as possible.

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