Are you planning to spend your golden years traveling? Many people over 65 enjoy taking several trips a year to either see the world’s spectacular sights or simply to relax on a beautiful beach.

If this sounds like you, have you considered travel insurance? It’ll help provide important financial and personal protection many people need while traveling.

Advantages of travel insurance for seniors

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Comprehensive medical protection

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Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

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Coverage for all ages

Why should I get travel insurance as a senior?

Anyone who is over 65 and likes to travel should consider protecting their trips with Travelex travel insurance. Travelex offers a wide range of travel insurance plans, benefits and upgrades that are ideal for those who want to spend their retirement traveling both domestically and abroad. With a travel insurance policy, you can receive coverage for unexpected events such as flight delays or cancellations, delayed baggage, missed connections, stolen or damaged valuables and baggage, and emergency medical expenses which can include injuries, sickness, evacuation, and repatriation of remains. Additionally, Travelex offers complimentary travel and medical assistance available at any time from anywhere. If you’re in a situation where you need medical advice or directions to the nearest hospital, you can call Travelex’s emergency assistance team for immediate help and support. This benefit is available on each of Travelex’s travel and flight insurance plans. With Travelex travel insurance for seniors, you can relax and enjoy your travels knowing you’re protected.

Which Travelex travel insurance plan is best for seniors?

Travelex’s unique plans provide numerous coverage options that aim to protect you - and your trip - in the best way possible. For seniors, the most extensive travel insurance plan offered by Travelex is Travel Select. This plan offers a wide range of benefits as well as the opportunity to add additional protection with optional upgrades. Travel Select provides coverage for emergency medical and dental expenses, trip cancellation, interruption and delay, baggage delay, missed connections, stolen or damaged valuables, emergency evacuations, and more. This plan also includes coverage for sporting equipment delays in case you happen to arrive at the golf course before your clubs do.The Travel Select plan also offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. This benefit is automatically applied if you purchase the plan within 15 days of your initial trip payment. With the Travel Select plan you also have the opportunity to add upgrades to increase your coverage. For instance, you can upgrade your policy to include Additional Medical Coverage. If you plan to travel domestically for only a short period of time and you’re looking for a more affordable plan, Travel Basic is another option available to you. This plan offers senior travelers essential coverage at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, Travelex offers highly-rated customer service and travel assistance. Customers find Travelex to be compassionate and efficient. If you do make a claim, you can rest assured knowing your claim will be dealt with both quickly and professionally.

Do I need travel insurance at my age?

There are numerous reasons travelers should consider buying travel insurance at any age. However, as you age, you, unfortunately, become more susceptible to injuries and illnesses while traveling. And because some of the most common reasons vacations are cut short is because of an injury or ailment, it’s important you’re protected. When you’re protected by travel insurance, you can avoid coming home from a vacation with enormous medical bills that could put a financial burden on your retirement. Travel insurance also provides coverage should you become the victim of a crime while you’re traveling. Unfortunately, older travelers are often targeted by pick-pocketers and petty crime offenders, especially in international locations. Travelex travel insurance helps protect you in the event your valuables - including medical documents and passports - are stolen or damaged.

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As Travelex does not have an age limit on any of its travel insurance plans, your decision for which travel insurance plan suits you best is based on the cost and level of coverage you require. If you plan to go on a quick trip within the United States and want a more budget-friendly option, Travel Basic and Travel America are great choices. Otherwise, longer trips and trips abroad are better covered by Travel Select. With this plan, you will receive higher benefit amounts for medical and dental expenses, emergency evacuation fees and costs associated with the repatriation of remains. You will also have access to multiple Travelex upgrades to help customize your travel insurance plan.

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