Going on vacation as a family is a wonderful experience, and it’s often where the best memories are made. However, unexpected mishaps can and do happen while traveling. In the event something does go wrong on your trip, travel insurance can help ensure you don’t have to worry about paying for unplanned costs.

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Why should I get a family travel insurance plan?

When planning for a trip overseas or out of state, travel insurance can help protect you against medical emergencies, flight cancellations, lost baggage, and a multitude of other potential problems and mishaps. Travel insurance can also help pay for expenses associated with emergency medical costs such as medical evacuations, injuries, and illness if something were to happen to you or a family member during your trip. Without travel insurance, you could be left with expensive medical bills because your private healthcare plan might not fully cover you or your family while traveling. Travel insurance is also important to help protect you against potential losses as a result of transportation issues or political strife in certain countries. If your trip is canceled for a covered reason - such as you or a family member suffering a serious injury or sickness - travel insurance can provide reimbursement for incurred costs. However, if your trip gets canceled and you didn’t purchase travel insurance, all of the money spent towards your trip - such as flights, hotels, tours, excursions and more - could be completely lost. Travel insurance not only provides protection for you and your family, but it also provides protection for your wallet.

Which Travelex travel insurance plan is best for families?

The Travel Select travel insurance plan offers coverage for both the policyholder as well as children under the age of 17 are covered at no additional cost when accompanied by a covered adult. The number of children is unlimited subject to maximum insured policy limits.

Please note:

  • You need to list the accompanying child(ren) when enrolling.
  • If the child(ren)'s trip cost exceeds the adult's trip cost, the child(ren) will be charged the corresponding plan cost.
  • If upgrade(s) are selected, the child(ren) will be charged for each premium associated with the upgrade(s) selected.

The Travel Select plan also offers numerous important benefits which can be helpful when traveling. These include coverage for trip cancellations and delays, missed connections, delayed baggage, and emergency medical and dental expenses, as well as 24/7 travel assistance. These benefits provide extensive protection in the event you or a family member happens to sustain an injury while hiking in Yosemite or if everyone’s luggage is delayed when you’re flying as a family to Italy. These situations are unfortunate, however they can be handled effectively and efficiently with travel insurance.

Additional important features of the Travel Select plan are the various upgrades available. Travelex offers five optional upgrades that provide additional coverage your family may need on your particular trip. If your family vacation includes a trip to Vail, then the adventure sports upgrade can offer additional protection for activities such as heli-skiing. Or, if you plan to head to Italy to see the beautiful countryside by car, you can include the car rental collision upgrade to ensure any potential accidents don’t end up costing you a fortune. For more information on the upgrades available, visit Travelex's upgrades page.

If you’re taking a family trip within the United States that is 14 days or less, you may also want to consider the Travel America plan. For a flat rate of $60, you can provide shared benefits to cover up to eight travelers with benefits such as emergency medical expenses, roadside assistance and car rental collision, trip cancellation, baggage delay and more. It’s a great plan for weekend getaways, trips to visit family, national parks or theme parks, and road trips.

Why should I choose Travelex travel insurance?

When you purchase travel insurance for your family, you’re helping ensure everyone is covered if something goes wrong. In the event of an unforeseen accident, being a Travelex policyholder means you won’t have to worry about being out of pocket for any of the covered reasons. Another important advantage of Travelex’s Travel Basic and Travel Select plans is that primary coverage (with no deductibles) is automatically included. Primary coverage means your health-related claims are filed directly with Travelex, eliminating the involvement of your health insurance company. The result? Faster claims payments for you. This makes primary coverage a must-have because, without it, you’d need to file and process your own claims with your health insurance provider, resulting in longer wait times before you receive your reimbursement.

How do I get a free travel insurance quote for my family?

We understand how stressful and expensive vacations can be, especially when you are traveling with children. So, to make things just a little easier, Travelex has made purchasing travel insurance for the whole family incredibly simple. Enjoy your next family vacation by getting your free, no-obligation quote with Travelex. When filling in your travel information, be sure to include all children that will be traveling with you on the one policy to ensure coverage for your whole family. Yes, that’s it!

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