When planning a trip, the last thing you want to think about is an accident or mishap. Fortunately, emergency medical and dental coverage can help provide protection against the unexpected. Whether you are planning a solo trip, a family vacation, or an adventure with friends, Travelex travel insurance with emergency medical and dental coverage offers reimbursement and support in the event you get sick or injured and require medical attention.

What is emergency medical and dental coverage?

When you are exploring a new location, accidents can happen. But with medical and dental coverage, you have an emergency safety net for when things go wrong. For instance, if you’re walking on the slippery cobblestones in Rome or skiing down the slopes in Aspen, there’s a chance you might fall and sprain or break your ankle. Or you may find yourself eating street food in Mexico and fall ill from consuming different foods outside of your normal routine. In these situations and more, emergency medical and dental coverage can provide reimbursement for incurred medical and dental expenses.

Why do I need emergency medical and dental coverage?

Reliable travel insurance with emergency and medical dental benefits can provide you with financial protection for costly medical bills. Emergency medical and dental benefits reimburse you for necessary medical expenses that may occur as a result of an injury, accident or illness. Without comprehensive medical and dental coverage, you may be liable to pay emergency medical expenses yourself, which can be extremely expensive.

It’s also important to note that most individual health insurance plans do not provide coverage when traveling overseas. That means if you require medical assistance while abroad, the medical expenses would land completely on your shoulders and, unfortunately, your wallet. Thankfully, with Travelex travel insurance, you can receive medical and dental expense coverage both domestically as well as internationally.

What is covered by emergency medical and dental?

With emergency medical and dental coverage, you can receive reimbursement for the following expenses:

  • Services of a physician or registered nurse
  • Hospital charges
  • X-rays
  • Local ambulance services to or from a hospital
  • Artificial limbs, artificial eyes, artificial teeth, or other prosthetic devices
  • Emergency dental treatment

Travelex medical and dental coverage can even provide advance payment if you require admission to a hospital. This can be critical if you need to expedite your medical services. It can also save you from scrambling funds together in order to pay a large bill at your time of need.

Which Travelex plans include emergency medical and dental coverage?

If you opt to purchase a Travel Select, Travel Basic, Travel America, Travel Med, or Flight Insure Plus plan, emergency medical and dental coverage is automatically included in your policy. The only Travelex plan that does not include emergency medical and dental coverage as part of its benefits is the Flight Insure plan.

Which Travelex plan is right for me?

The right Travelex plan for you is completely dependent on your travel needs. As the Travel Select, Travel Basic, Travel America, and Flight Insure Plus plans all include emergency medical and dental coverage, it’s important to assess how much coverage is best for you.

On Travelex's Travel Basic plan, you can receive up to $15,000 for medical and dental expense coverage. If you’re going on a longer, more expensive domestic vacation, the Travel Basic plan provides great coverage as well as mid-level benefit amounts.

On the Travel Select plan, a maximum amount of $50,000 is available for medical and dental coverage. For trips that include adventure activities such as skiing in Aspen or scuba diving in the Bahamas, or for long international vacations, the Travel Select plan provides comprehensive coverage, four optional upgrades, and the highest benefit amounts available.

The Travel America plan has a maximum amount of $50,000 available for emergency medical expenses shared between all travelers on the policy. For shorter, less expensive domestic trips, Travel America may be the plan for you.

Lastly, the Travel Med and Flight Insure Plus plan provide up to $10,000 in medical coverage with a $500 dental sublimit. If you’re going on a weekend-long domestic getaway, booking a last-minute-trip, don't have many pre-paid expenses, and don’t require higher benefit amounts, Travel Med or Flight Insure Plus would likely be the optimal plan for you.

Travelex emergency assistance

If you do find yourself in a medical emergency, contact the emergency assistance team as soon as possible. The emergency assistance team can set up emergency transportation as well as help locate local physicians, dentists, or medical facilities. With expert help on your side, you can receive admission and treatment as quickly as possible.

Additional travel insurance benefits

trip delay icon small

Trip delay

Reimbursement for unplanned expenses during trip delays.

cancellation icon small

Cancellation & interruption

Financial protection for canceled or interrupted trips.

missed connection icon small

Missed connection

Coverage for costs resulting from missed flight connections.

baggage & personal effects icon small

Baggage & personal effects

Protection in the event your valuables are lost, stolen or damaged.

emergency evacuation icon small

Evacuation & repatriation

Medical evacuation to the hospital of your choice.

ad&d icon small


Compensation for certain physical losses or death that could occur while on a trip.

travel assistance icon small

Travel assistance

24-hour travel, medical and concierge assistance.

primary coverage icon small

Primary coverage

Automatically included, your approved claim is paid first with no deductibles.

pre-existing conditions icon small

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered when the waiver is in effect.

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