Planning a cruise vacation? Maybe you’re setting out on a tour of the Caribbean, navigating your way through the Mediterranean, or entering Sydney Harbour in Australia via the water? No matter where you’re going by sea, a cruise can give you a mix of leisure, adventure, and the luxury of exploring multiple destinations all without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

When organizing your vacation on the high seas, it's important to consider cruise insurance. Unpredictable things can happen anywhere (think: stormy weather, illness and injury, and other unanticipated travel disruptions) and they could dampen your cruise if you’re not prepared for them.

That’s where cruise travel insurance comes in: it provides relief from unexpected costs and assistance when you need it most, so you can quickly get back to focusing on serene ocean views and fun on-ship activities.

Benefits for cruises

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Coverage on & off the ship

Why do I need travel insurance for my cruise?

Like any vacation, it’s important to protect the time, effort, and funds you’ve invested in your cruise plans. With cruise travel insurance from Travelex, you can feel more at ease knowing you’re traveling with an expert team on your side that’s ready to offer solutions for unexpected issues during your trip.

Wondering what could go wrong on your cruise and how Travelex can help? Whether you lose your luggage on the ship, miss a connecting flight on your way to your cruise port, or slip and fall on the pool deck, cruise insurance coverage can reimburse you for unforeseen expenses that come up from these situations — and more.

What does cruise insurance cover?

Travelex plans can help if your cruise is unexpectedly canceled, interrupted, or delayed – even if you bought non-refundable tickets or tours. So, if an unforeseen hurricane cancels your trip, cruise travel insurance with our Travel Select plan may reimburse you for the prepaid Bahamas snorkeling tour you booked or the cruise tickets you purchased to explore Europe.

Concerned about catching a cold or a bad case of sea sickness on your cruise? If you unexpectedly get sick or hurt during your cruise vacation, Travelex cruise insurance coverage can pay back your unforeseen emergency medical costs, both on and off the ship.

Along with helping to safeguard your trip, travel insurance with cruise coverage can also help protect the journey your luggage takes. If your belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged on your cruise, Travelex can help cover the cost of replacing them. This could come in handy on a cruise, where you’ll be among larger crowds. To learn more about Travelex’s luggage coverage and the important benefit limits, visit our lost or delayed baggage coverage page.

Which Travelex plan should I choose for my cruise?

Travelex offers two different travel insurance plans that can protect your upcoming cruise: Travel Select and Travel Basic. Both plans can give you the essential cruise insurance coverage you need if a surprise incident happens during your getaway at sea. Plus, each Travelex plan includes 24/7 travel assistance and access to the Travel On app, which can send you real-time safety alerts, tell you about your destination, and more.

Here are some details on each of our plans:

Travel Select

Want higher benefit limits and a variety of essential cruise insurance coverage?

Travelex’s Travel Select plan can reimburse you for unexpected trip cancellations, interruptions, delays, and missed connections, so you can worry less about a last-minute trip mishap.

Your luggage will also be safeguarded, because this plan can repay you up to $1,000 for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage and belongings and $200 for delayed baggage.

Plus, if you get sick or injured during your cruise, the Travel Select plan can cover you up to $50,000 for emergency medical care. You’ll even have coverage for emergency medical evacuation from the cruise ship if you are severely injured or ill during your getaway.

So, what makes Travel Select stand out from Travelex’s other cruise trip insurance plans? It’s the most customizable Travelex plan, meaning you can match your cruise insurance coverage with your unique trip. Yes, when you choose the Travel Select plan, you can include up to five optional upgrades – like adventure sports, additional medical coverage, and cancel for any reason — to help match your coverage to your cruise.

Travel Basic

If you’re looking for more affordable cruise insurance coverage, Travelex’s Travel Basic plan may be right for you.

With Travel Basic, you can be a confident traveler knowing you have up to $15,000 in emergency medical coverage while on your cruise trip — just in case you need to visit the doctor for a stomach bug or severe sunburn while you’re on board.

Like Travel Select, you’ll have cruise insurance coverage for trip delays, cancellations, and interruptions on the Travel Basic plan. Plus, Travel Basic offers $500 in luggage protection.

This plan focuses on the basics, but it also gives you the option to add two upgrades with protection for car rental collisions and flight accidental death & dismemberment.

Want to cruise with protection in mind?

Whether you're traveling abroad for the first time or celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones, you want to be able to relax and enjoy the magic of seeing the world by ship. No matter which Travelex plan you choose, you can travel safer and feel protected knowing you have an expert team on your side before and during your cruise.

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