With months of summer vacation to fill, spring break, Christmas break, and study abroad programs, the opportunities for students to travel are endless. And while lots of travel is what makes life fun, it also heightens the risk of unexpected incidents occurring away from home. That’s why student travelers should consider travel insurance for protection from the expensive costs of flight cancellations, medical bills, stolen valuables such as tech items, and more.

Travel insurance can provide coverage in the event your bags are stolen at your hostel, you miss a connecting flight to your next destination, or you become ill when trying new international cuisines. With travel insurance, it’s easy to travel far and wide knowing you can receive protection at every new city and stop.

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Which Travelex travel insurance plan is best for students?

The Travel Basic plan provides the coverage you need at the price you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on traveling to one domestic destination during spring break or embarking on an entire Euro trip in the coming year, a Travel Basic policy can cover your trip without breaking your budget. While the Travel Basic plan can cover trips that do not exceed 30 days, the Travel Select plan offers protection for trips that last up to 364 days. Therefore, if you’re planning to embark on a gap year or a semester-long study abroad program, the Travel Select plan is the ideal choice for long-term protection. If you’re looking for coverage for a short getaway within the United States, Travel America may be the plan for you. It can provide shared benefits to cover up to eight travelers for the low cost of $60. Benefits of Travel America include emergency medical expenses, roadside assistance, baggage delay and more. It’s great for road trips, visits to music festivals, bachelor or bachelorette trips, and beach getaways.

What are the benefits of the Travel Basic plan?

Despite being the most affordable Travelex plan, Travel Basic has a number of essential benefits for students to help protect your trip. In the event of an emergency medical evacuation or if you suffer a severe injury or illness, Travel Basic can provide support as well as reimbursement for incurred medical expenses. This benefit is important if you’re a student who travels to remote villages in Thailand or Indonesia and you sustain an unfortunate injury or become ill during your stay. The Travel Basic plan can also provide financial protection in the event of an unexpected trip cancellation, interruption or delay. This benefit could be extremely useful if you’re traveling over winter break and your flights are canceled because of a snowstorm or blizzard. Want to protect your personal goods? Travel Basic can also provide coverage for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage and belongings, which is crucial in big cities such as Rome or Bogotá where you may fall victim to pickpockets. Additionally, with the Travelex Travel Basic plan you will also have access to 24/7 help if you need to replace missing prescriptions and travel documents during your trip.

What if I plan to take part in adventure activities on my trip?

If your next trip involves a lot of adventure, the Travel Select plan offers the same essential coverage as the Travel Basic plan in addition to extra levels of coverage and optional upgrades that includes adventure sports coverage. If you’re a student on this plan and include the additional upgrade in your policy, you can partake in adventure activities such as mountain climbing and heli-skiing. This makes it the best travel insurance option for those students seeking the thrill of a lifetime.

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