Why do I need travel insurance for the United Kingdom?


Whether you want to lay your eyes on historic treasures like Stonehenge and Windsor Castle or explore awe-inspiring natural beauty in the Lake District and Scottish Highlands, the United Kingdom is a popular destination for Americans in search of culture, adventure, and a melting pot of cuisines from around the world. But before you dust off your suitcase, it’s important to think about shielding your trip investment from unforeseen expenses with travel insurance for the United Kingdom.

Why? Regardless of how meticulously you prepare, unforeseen circumstances may arise during your travels in the United Kingdom. Imagine dealing with a misplaced suitcase in Scotland, an ear infection in England, or wild weather in Wales. If an unexpected event occurs that jeopardizes you or your finances, Travelex's travel insurance can offer the financial and medical assistance you may need during your U.K. adventure.

So, if you’re dreaming of riding a horse through the hills of Northern Ireland or trying haggis in Scotland, don’t overlook the importance of safeguarding your adventure to the U.K. with travel insurance.

  • Top benefits of having travel insurance for United Kingdom trips

  • A Travelex travel protection plan can provide coverage that offers several essential benefits. Consider getting travel insurance for United Kingdom vacations with Travelex so you can have a coverage plan that provides support when you need it most.
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Reasons to choose a Travelex plan for your next trip to the United Kingdom


Just as life can often take unexpected turns, your travel experiences can too. Yes, a tranquil trot through the English countryside could quickly take a turn for the worst if a rogue rabbit unexpectedly startles your horse. In case of any mishaps during your trip to Britain, having travel specialists on hand to provide assistance and help shield you from unexpected financial burdens and logistical issues can be invaluable.

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24/7 assistance

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Travelex’s Travel On app provides real-time security alerts, destination advice, tap-to-call travel assistance, and more while you're in the U.K.
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You can customize the Travel Select plan to suit your travel needs for your United Kingdom trip with several upgrades available for you to choose from.

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