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Travelex Flight Cancellation Insurance

You've planned a great many details for your upcoming trip. Since you’re a smart traveler, you've also decided flight insurance is probably a good idea. If you know one thing about travelling, it’s that you can always expect the unexpected.

Many people think that simply purchasing a flight means they're covered in the event of something big like an accident or something smaller like lost luggage. While the airline might eventually assist you, nothing comes close to the protection and service you receive from Travelex's flight insurance.

From lost luggage to accidents or catastrophes, we make sure you, your valuables and most importantly, your loved ones are covered – and fast. In fact, we’re most proud of the service our customers receive when they travel with our insurance.

For example, our concierge services can help you with the fun stuff, like when you need to book hotels, flights or events during your trip. But we can also lend a helping hand when you need it most; if you’re in need of translation services, assistance during an emergency or arranging transportation to a medical facility.

With Travelex, you purchase peace of mind – starting at just $39 for our basic package plans. Now that's smart.


How Does Flight Insurance Benefit Me?

You may not know that Travelex flight insurance offers added perks for travelers. In addition to swift and direct compensation – something airlines simply can’t offer – you can also take advantage of all these extras:


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Top 5 Flight Insurance FAQs

What is flight insurance?

Flight insurance is an insurance plan that covers you specifically for flight catastrophes, trip-related accidents, death, dismemberment, injuries or illnesses. It also covers lost or delayed luggage.

Why do I need it?

  • In case of an accident, your medical plan might not cover you as extensively as additional flight insurance can while travelling.
  • It covers your lost or delayed luggage and offers reimbursement for items you have to replace.

What are the risks of not having it?

Without flight insurance, you pay for any lost luggage or time due to cancellations or delays. The same goes for any injury that occurs during your trip that standard insurance doesn’t cover. And if a catastrophic event results in death on your trip, your loved ones might not receive any reimbursement to help deal with the loss.

When can I or should I purchase the flight insurance?

You can purchase the insurance up to two years before the trip’s departure date. Annual coverage lasts for 365 days. We offer many options to purchase plans, whether it be ahead of time online/on the phone, or last-minute at our airport kiosks located across the United States.

How does it work?

This coverage begins when you board the plane. If bags are lost or stolen, or you're in an accident while on the trip and need medical coverage, Travelex will reimburse you for financial losses. Coverage works anywhere in the world, and is only limited by losses due to war.


Travel Insurance Upgrades & Options

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