Road trips are a fun and cost-effective way to see the world around you. Whether you're exploring the open road alone or using it as an opportunity to bond with family and friends, road trip memories are ones that you won't soon forget.

However, like any type of travel, road trips come with a certain amount of risk. You never know if you’ll end up in an accident or need medical assistance through no fault of your own, so you'll want to be prepared. Thankfully, travel insurance can help provide you with the extra peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your trip.

Benefits for road trips

Car Upgrade

Car rental collision upgrade available

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International protection

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Comprehensive medical coverage

Why do you need travel insurance for road trips?

Many people purchase travel insurance for their expensive international trips but don't think to buy travel insurance when taking a trip in the car. However, there are many mishaps and accidents that can happen when you're driving - particularly if you are in a foreign country.

While driving, you are constantly at risk of a car accident - even if you are an incredibly careful driver - making emergency medical expense coverage a must. Additionally, inclement weather and other factors can affect the timeline of your trip. Any type of trip delay or cancellation can lead to costly rescheduling fees for your accommodations and other scheduled plans. With travel insurance, you can receive reimbursement for trip cancellations and interruptions. That way an unfortunate incident doesn’t have to completely ruin your trip or your finances.

Which Travelex plan is best for road trips?

With Travelex, you have many different plan and upgrade options to best suit your needs on a road trip. While you can receive comprehensive coverage as well as the car rental collision upgrade with the Travel Basic plan, the Travel Select plan provides coverage with higher maximums for each benefit.

Additionally, if you are traveling with your family, Travelex’s Travel Select offers coverage for children 17 and under for no additional cost. Travelex also offers 24/7 travel assistance, which can come in handy if you get stuck on the road or encounter any travel-related problems.

If your road trip is within the United States and 14 days or less, the Travel America plan could be a great option for you. The Travel America plan provides coverage for car rental collision and includes roadside assistance. You are also able to cover up to eight travelers with shared benefits for a flat rate of $60.

Car rental collision upgrade

In addition to the automatically included benefits, the Travel Select plan offers five unique upgrade options. The upgrade most beneficial on a road trip is the car rental collision upgrade. If you choose to add the car rental collision upgrade, you can receive coverage for rental car damages or losses as a result of:

  • Collision
  • Vandalism
  • Windstorm
  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Flood

Emergency medical and dental coverage

Medical expenses can quickly add up if you were to get hurt or become ill while traveling. Luckily, travel insurance can provide emergency medical and dental coverage when you need it. This is particularly important if you are traveling in an area where your existing health insurance plan won't cover you.

Luggage replacement

If you're traveling on the road with valuable items, it's important to have travel insurance coverage. Travel insurance enables you to insure your valuable clothing, electronics, equipment, and other items so they are covered in the event the items are lost, damaged, or stolen during your trip.

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