Lost or delayed baggage has the potential to ruin any trip - no matter how light you’re traveling. Without your clothing and other important items, it's difficult to have fun on vacation or to be productive on a business trip. Thankfully, Travelex travel insurance provides baggage coverage, which is specifically designed to help protect you in the event something happens to your luggage.

What is baggage coverage?

No matter how careful you are while traveling, there is always a possibility your luggage could get lost, delayed, or stolen. This is where travel insurance can help. Baggage coverage can provide reimbursement based on the value of the items in your luggage.

When would I need baggage coverage?

There are many situations where you might need coverage for lost or delayed baggage. During particularly busy travel periods, airlines occasionally lose a bag or place it on the wrong plane. Even if your bag is only delayed, you may need the items inside immediately upon your arrival. In this scenario, travel insurance with baggage coverage can reimburse you to replace the items you need for your travels.

There are also instances in which your bags could be stolen. Airports, train stations, and hotels are often extremely busy and crowded with tourists, which makes them prime targets for thieves. In the unfortunate event that your luggage is stolen, your travel insurance can cover the cost of replacing your items.

Why do I need travel insurance baggage coverage?

Lost or stolen luggage, valuable items, passports, and other travel documents can be incredibly expensive to replace. Luckily, baggage coverage can provide reimbursement to replace your lost items. This helps ensure an unfortunate situation doesn’t have to completely derail your trip.

To receive reimbursement, simply submit a claim to Travelex's Claim Administrator for the cost of the replacement items. You can also use Travelex’s quick and easy claims app available at the App Store and on Google Play.

Which Travelex travel insurance plans offer baggage coverage?

With Travelex, baggage coverage is automatically included on Travel Select, Travel Basic, Travel America, Travel Med, and Flight Insure Plus plans. The Travel Select plan provides up to $1,000 in baggage coverage, Travel Basic offers a maximum of $500, Travel America offers a maximum of $2,000, and Travel Med offers a maximum of $1,000. You also can receive up to $1,000 in baggage coverage on the Flight Insure Plus plan.

Additional travel insurance benefits

trip delay icon small

Trip delay

Reimbursement for unplanned expenses during trip delays.

cancellation icon small

Cancellation & interruption

Financial protection for canceled or interrupted trips.

missed connection icon small

Missed connection

Coverage for costs resulting from missed flight connections.

emergency medical icon small

Medical & dental

Coverage in the event of an unexpected injury or sickness.

emergency evacuation icon small

Evacuation & repatriation

Medical evacuation to the hospital of your choice.

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Compensation for certain physical losses or death that could occur while on a trip.

travel assistance icon small

Travel assistance

24-hour travel, medical and concierge assistance.

primary coverage icon small

Primary coverage

Automatically included, your approved claim is paid first with no deductibles.

pre-existing conditions icon small

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered when the waiver is in effect.

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