Part of the thrill of traveling is not knowing what you may encounter or discover while on your trip: you might meet new people, try exotic foods, or learn a foreign custom. However, some unexpected occurrences - such as a missed flight - can have a negative effect on your vacation.

With missed connection coverage, an unforeseen mishap doesn’t have to ruin your trip. Travel insurance with missed connection coverage can provide you with a safety net in the event you’re not on board when your flight takes off.

What is missed connection coverage?

There are many reasons you might miss a connecting flight - most of which are out of your control. Maybe your first plane is delayed because of mechanical problems and you take off three hours later than expected. Or perhaps there’s inclement weather that causes the first leg of your flight to be canceled. In these situations, missed connection coverage can provide reimbursement for unused tickets and additional transportation expenses to catch up to your trip itinerary if you miss your connection by three hours or more. In short, missed connection coverage can provide the financial protection you need - and the travel assistance you want - when something goes wrong.

How does missed connection coverage benefit me?

Missed connection coverage is a useful - and commonly utilized - travel insurance benefit. With missed connection coverage, you can be reimbursed for money spent on changing your travel plans after a missed connection. For example, if you are charged a fee to reschedule your flight or if you have to purchase a new flight, missed connection coverage can help provide reimbursement for these incurred costs.

Which Travelex plans include missed connection coverage?

Travelex offers missed connection coverage on the Travel Basic, Travel Select, and Travel America, and Travel Med plans. The Travel Basic plan offers up to $500 in missed connection coverage, the Travel Select plan offers up to $750 in missed connection coverage, and Travel America offers up to $2,000 in missed connection coverage, and Travel Med offers up to $250 in missed connection coverage.

The Travel Basic and Travel America plans are great options for shorter domestic trips as well as for travelers on a budget. The Travel Select plan provides more comprehensive coverage and is ideal for longer international trips or trips that include activities such as skiing or mountain climbing, which may require multiple plane changes before arriving at your final destination.

Additional Travelex travel insurance benefits

Travelex travel insurance offers a number of other benefits in addition to missed connection coverage. If you need to cancel your trip, or your plans are interrupted mid-vacation, Travelex can reimburse you for incurred costs. If your bags or other personal effects are delayed, lost, or stolen, Travelex can provide coverage to help you replace them as needed.

Each Travelex travel insurance plan - excluding the Flight Insure plan - also offers emergency medical and dental coverage, including coverage for medical evacuations.

Additional travel insurance benefits

trip delay icon small

Trip delay

Reimbursement for unplanned expenses during trip delays.

cancellation icon small

Cancellation & interruption

Financial protection for canceled or interrupted trips.

baggage & personal effects icon small

Baggage & personal effects

Protection in the event your valuables are lost, stolen or damaged.

emergency medical icon small

Medical & dental

Coverage in the event of an unexpected injury or sickness.

emergency evacuation icon small

Evacuation & repatriation

Medical evacuation to the hospital of your choice.

ad&d icon small


Compensation for certain physical losses or death that could occur while on a trip.

travel assistance icon small

Travel assistance

24-hour travel, medical and concierge assistance.

primary coverage icon small

Primary coverage

Automatically included, your approved claim is paid first with no deductibles.

pre-existing conditions icon small

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions can be covered when the waiver is in effect.

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